June Feature: Deena Diamond Designs

June Feature: Deena Bassam

Owner of Deena Diamond Designs

Business: Custom Designed Jewelry

So fun little fact, I worked at Palm Beach Tan for .05 seconds, not even joking, I "quit" after my second shift. BUT I had the honor of meeting this amazing woman through the experience. Just from spending that one day with Deena I learned a lot about her work ethic. She is strong, fierce, does not take anyone's shit but has a heart of gold & she has gone through & overcame more than most. With her perseverance it is no surprise she is where she is today & I'm so grateful social media has allowed me to follow her journey & continue to be inspired by this woman. I'm so grateful to have a chance to share her business & a little bit of her story.

1. Most importantly, YOUR WHY. Why do you make jewelry? What got you started? What motivates you?

"I started working with my mom in her jewelry store when I was 12 years old. I found comfort in knowing that I could be with my mom during a recession when people weren’t buying jewelry and she was alone working in her store from open to close. During that time, I found a love for jewelry that I knew always lingered but at that time is when my mom really started teaching me everything I know today. At the age of 15, I took over the store, because we had a family member who had heart surgery and my mom was the only qualified person to take care of him. I ran the store on my own, managing clients, making sales, designing pieces, and working with our book keeper to make sure bills were getting paid and accounts were being managed. ALL while doing running start at Clark College in Vancouver. These moments of growth, struggle and overcoming are really what motivate me to continue today. The love I have for creating special pieces for people, making their dream ring come to life, seeing the smile on their face, that's what motivates me. Something else that motivates and inspires me is knowing that I’m carrying out a family legacy. That to me is so beautiful and so special."

2. 10 words to describe you personally:

"Honest. Loyal. Outgoing. Peaceful. Inclusive. Caring. Passionate. Hardworking. Consistent. Full."

3. The process of ordering and working with you:

"My process is fairly simple - although, not everyone fits the process. So I really go about designing a piece for someone however they feel is best for them! The basic process typically starts by someone reaching out to me to set up a design consult. I then send out a questionnaire to find out a little more about what they are looking for, what their style is, and if they have a budget. Based on the answers, I design them a portfolio of designs (typically the designs at step 1 are all over the place) that I present to them at our consult. The final step after nailing down the perfect design is to start the magic of creating their custom piece of jewelry."

4. How to follow or get in touch with you:

"There are lots of ways of reaching me! Most commonly, people reach out on my

instagram: @deenadiamond

Or my business instagram: @deenadiamonddesigns

But I can also be reached through my site: deenadiamonddesigns.com where you can schedule a consult directly on there!"

5. What are your long term goals & dreams for your business?

"I WOULD LOVE to have a small gala style store. Where I feature different pieces every month and offer custom pieces that are created in my store. But really my next step is having my own private office, perfect for taking photos, and trying on jewelry, meeting with clients and friends, and having a place where people love coming to feel extra special."

6. Anything you personally want people to know about you as a person & your business:

"I do what I do with jewelry because everyone deserves luxury in their life. Someone told me once “if your sister or brother came to you asking for your advice and lets say you had the best advice ever, top shelf quality, you wouldn't give them just whatever answer, and keep it short. You’d give them the best of you because you have it, its available.” And that is what I do with my jewelry. I offer the best, luxury jewelry. And I treat everyone like family, because everyone deserves that love and connection. I create all types of pieces but bridal jewelry is by far my most favorite because its so meaningful, so sentimental and those pieces are passed down for generations to come. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was a kid. I had no vision in mind. But from struggling with being misunderstood, sticking out, not having deep connections with people (from not being able to speak English), all I knew was I wanted the opportunity to share my heart, feel understood, seen for what I was capable of and add real value to peoples lives. And I am beyond blessed today with the ability to do just that."

Deena really does put her heart & soul into each design she does. Not to mention the bad ass watches & men's rings she designs as well. Make sure you go support this amazing woman by checking out her instagram page here.

Deena, thank you so much for allowing me to share a bit of your story & life's work on my blog! It was truly an honor.

Nothing but love, always.

-The Balanced Planner

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