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May Feature: Kelsey Irvin

Side Hustle: Custom made art

Instagram: thestrangemundane

Facebook: OujiaBroad

I've known this quirky, unique, loving, self less little lady since we were 13 years old. She was not only placed out of work due to COVID but also had to push back her wedding a full year after waiting SIX years for this day. She has overcome it all by channeling everything into her art & recently it has blossomed into something beyond just a fun passion of hers. She now takes orders for custom made art & does a wide range of pieces from animals, portraits, logos, body art, etc. To take a peek at some of her pieces you can click on her links above. Down below is a small little interview so you can get to know the artist behind the art a little more :)

1. Most importantly, YOUR WHY. Why do you create art? What got you started? What motivates you as an artist?

"I make art to disconnect. I get to go into a part of myself I can’t while watching a Hulu series. I don’t really know how I got started. I’ve always dappled. My craft room is literally exploding with projects I picked up and put down, trying to find my thing. My latest piece of watercolor has been the closest I’ve ever felt to being an actual artist. I think once I realized that I can put a piece of myself onto paper, I realized what art really meant to me."

2. What are 10 words you would use to describe yourself?

"Mine. Universe. Open. Warm. Kind. Artist. Free. True. Growing. Aware."

3. What is the process of ordering from you & working with you?

"The process of ordering is simple, just shoot me a message. I’ll let you know what the pricing is for the piece that you are looking at. I can also let you know wait times. I am also hoping to have prints available here shortly."

4. How can people contact you?

Instagram: thestrangemundane

Facebook: OuijaBroad

5. What is your long term goal with your art business?

"My goal with my art is to feel something. It is to make someone else feel something. Let it be happiness, sadness, hope, empowered, or sexy. I don’t see myself being a major artist in New York City. I see myself as an artist of the people. I used to want to open a bed-and-breakfast that was kind of different. The older I’ve gotten and the more I figure myself out the more I’ve got an image of what it could be. One day I picture a small little bed-and-breakfast packed full of my art, of other peoples art, and of all my weird and odd treasures I’ve collected along the way. A collection of Kelsey. It’ll take baby steps to get there, but with enough perseverance and heart and soul, I will get there one day."

6. Anything you personally want people to know about you, your side hustle, your passion, your art.

"The saying 'starving artist' isn’t wrong. You’re constantly fighting yourself on if putting your soul out there is worth it. The first time someone said they were putting my art as their background, that they were a fan girl of my art, or that they felt connected to my art, I realized it wasn’t just my soul going into it. It’s little pieces of all of us who feel something when they look at it."

If you want to help this little lady in growing her art hustle make sure you check out her instagram page and go like her fb page where you can order your own custom made art. One of the things I love most about Kelsey is she 100% embraces who she truly is unashamed & unafraid of what anyone will say or think. She stays true to her uniqueness, weirdness, quirkiness, love, passions & it truly shines out through the wide range of art pieces she creates. Not to mention she has the cutest dog in the world.

I love you Kelsey! Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me & letting me share your awesome creations on the blog!

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Nothing but love, always.

-The Balanced Planner

P.S. Here's a little blooper photo from behind the scenes & how I really feel about having my picture taken ;)

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