All about my daily routine & how I maintain balance & consistency

With the world opening back up & starting to figure out a new normal & us going back to our chaotic schedules I figured now would be a good time to share my daily routine to maintain my mental health & my tips to maintain balance & not get burnt out with a busy schedule.

First off, cuddle a cute animal like pictured above. Lol just kidding I just had to point out how cute Peaches is & obviously cuddling cute animals helps everything.

But we'll start with my daily morning routine. I make time for these 3 things EVERY morning before I start my day even if I am exhausted & would rather sleep in longer. Making the time for these few things fuels my tank back up & even if I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, it helps me feel less tired because I made that time for myself to fuel my own tank before giving to anyone else. You can't run on empty.

1. I spend some time with Jesus. Now before you skip this part to continue on to #2 keep reading because I put at the end of this paragraph what I would recommend doing if you don't believe in Jesus. I get this won't resonate with everyone although I strongly encourage you to get to know Jesus & watch your life transform. Keep an eye out for my relationship over religion post coming soon. I have a lot I will be sharing about how Jesus came to save us from those "laws" & old belief systems & the entire point of Jesus is LOVE. To love everyone, not judge or condemn them for what the old testament says is wrong or right - that's HIS job, but ours is to LOVE & spread love which is Jesus... Jesus IS love. BUT back to my point for this post - I make time for Jesus first thing every morning. I have an app called YouVersion where you can add other friends & read plans together or you can read plans on your own. They have reading plans that cover SO many things ranging from depression, anxiety, bipolar, relationships, marriage, failure, leadership, finding your faith, getting to know Jesus, simply reading the Bible start to finish. You pick any plan you want - I'm currently reading one about living boldly in your faith that is 6 days long & I'm also reading a 365 day plan that takes you through the entire Bible. AJ & I have done some together to strengthen our relationship & I've also done some with my momma & some friends but most I do on my own with God. If you download the app to check out, let me know so we can be "friends" on there & I'd be more than willing to do a plan with you or just answer any questions you have :) if you don't have a relationship with Jesus then use this time to do a 30 minute mediation or connect to whatever higher power you believe in. The point is to take some time to slow down in the morning & get connected & centered to your spirit & in the right mind set for the day.

2. I betcha can't guess what my second routine thing is. MOVE YA BODY! Try to do SOMETHING for at least 30 minutes even if it's stretching or a short walk. Moving your body naturally boosts your mood & helps you have a more positive mind set going into your day. It also helps you burn more calories through out your day if you start with a workout in the morning. I do my at home work out programs & on rest days I try to do 30 min on our stationary bike, go for a run or walk, or do some yoga. Not having time is baloney & you need to stop using it as an excuse. When I was doing full time work & school, which I'm about to again, I started my day at 4am to get it done. If you don't have time in the morning then do it on your lunch break or in the evening. Everyone can set aside 30 minutes to move their body, you just have to be real with yourself & stop lying with these baloney excuses. Make the time & stop complaining because no one else will do it for you & you CAN make the time if you're real with yourself. Always here with tough love or soft love, whatever you need to be motivated. Just do it & don't stop when you have an off day or bad day. Just keep going because every day is a new day to start fresh. Show up for yourself & love yourself so you can live a longer, happier, healthier life.

3. I read 30 min of personal development. Now my time reading my Bible & hanging with Jesus or mediating is different. That's to connect with my spirit & mind & get in the right mind set. Personal development is exercise for your brain. It causes growth, it helps end toxic habits & cycles. It helps you learn new things about yourself & set new goals. It helps you form better, healthier habits & mind sets. It helps you get to know yourself on a different level, it forces you to face the deep dark shit & get real with the areas you need to grow in. Personal development has helped me sooo much in changing my life - in leaving my marriage, figuring out what exactly I even want for my life, learning what I value in a partner, taking the risk to move away from home, finding confidence to go back to school & progress in my career. It's taught me how to love myself & set boundaries without feeling guilty. Nothing but good comes from personal development whether it be in the form of reading, podcasts or audio books. I personally prefer reading, I've always been a reader. I have a long list of book recommendations so let me know if you want some <3 I've done one book review on here & plan on doing tons more! I also journal during my readings. I will reflect on what I learned during that day's reading & how I can apply it in my life. Then I set 3 goals for the day along with 3 things I'm grateful for. Gratitude is everything <3

Along with these 3 things I prioritize to do daily I also have 3 tips I try to follow to help my mental health & energy levels not feel so depleted & drained in balancing so much.

1. Fueling your body properly is sooo vital. Now, I don't diet & never will. I fear diets mess up your metabolism & cause your body to store more fat & react wrong to certain foods after depriving yourself so you end up gaining more back. I am NOT an expert though so take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm just sharing my experience. So no, I don't diet. But I am very aware of what I eat & try for the most part to maintain a healthy BALANCE. You know I'm all about BALANCE. I eat a lot of bad food but I also eat A LOT of good food. I just love food lol. But what you fuel yourself with is what gives you energy & the mental focus to keep up with all that we have to balance. I take vitamins every day - women's daily, calcium, omega, collagen & something for hair/nails/skin. I also drink my super food protein shake EVERY day that helps in digestion & ensures I get my daily dose of extra vitamins. I also do my best to eat 3 big meals a day to stay fueled & not deprive myself especially with how much I workout. Last but not least WATER. I try to drink 100 oz a day but if I'm honest that rarely happens anymore lol. Being back to work & school will help that though. The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in water daily & add on 8 oz for every caffeinated drink.

2. Who you surround yourself with & how often you are giving of yourself to others is also important. This is something I have learned as I've gotten older. Curing my "disease to please" has helped with this tremendously. If you are surrounding yourself with toxic, negative, un-driven people all the time you will feel yourself becoming drained, negative & un-driven as well. They say you become like the 5 closest people you surround yourself with. Now I'm not saying to just get rid of your friends, family or loved ones stuck in those ruts. Just protect your space & how much you are allowing them into your life. Still be there for them & maybe help inspire them to make some healthier changes for themselves. & set boundaries. I can't stress this enough, set boundaries. I wish I had been better at this in my teenage years/early 20's. It is okay to say no, it is okay to ignore messages for a while, it is okay to not answer every phone call. It is okay to take space for yourself to rejuvenate. You do not owe anyone in this world anything & you are a much better version of yourself when you take time for YOU & don't run on empty.

3. Also be aware of what you consume in the media. I haven't had cable in 9 years, basically since I moved out at 18. I've never had cable in my adult life. I rarely watch Netflix unless it's to put Friends on in the background while I'm doing something (damn you Netflix for taking Friends off, I'm still bitter) I also may post daily on my instagram stories but I hardly actually spend time scrolling or consuming anything in my feed. I will check on my friends especially since moving away from home but I hardly ever scroll facebook or instagram. It's crazy how much of a difference that makes.

Those are my 3 main tips & 3 daily non negotiable's that take maybe an hour or two out of my entire day to help me feel energized not just physically but mentally to balance all that life throws at us. I recommend trying to do them in the morning to get yourself on the right track for your day but realistically you can fit them in your pockets of time through out your day even if it's just 10 minutes here & 10 minutes there. Just try it. For 3 weeks I dare you to make time for these few things every single day & see how your mental health, life, mood, mind set changes.

"Mindset, habits, and routines are the building blocks for success toward your goals."

I hope giving you insight into my daily routine & habits helps at least one of you as we navigate through finding our new normal & get back to the busy-ness of life. Remember, it is all about balance <3

Nothing but love, always.

-The Balanced Planner

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