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I haven't shared much on here or on social media these last two weeks. Amidst all the chaos in the world I had a friend back home unexpectedly pass away & it sent me into a small mental crash. I vowed to always keep it real on here with where I'm at even if that includes stepping away & being silent for some time & later coming back to share what's been going on. I took those two weeks to LISTEN, learn & digest everything going on in the world along with processing the death of my friend. I've stayed on top of going through the motions of what I know helps my mental health even when I didn't feel like it, which most days I didn't. I spent extra time with Jesus, did my workouts even if I wasn't giving my 100% effort, I read my personal development, I limited conversations with very few loved ones to protect the vulnerable place I was in. After lots of prayer & asking where my place in all of this is I remembered why I started this blog. I wanted a place for positivity, encouragement, LIGHT & happiness no matter what is happening in the outside world or in my own personal world. I started this to have my own personal outlet regardless if people actually follow it & read my posts or not & that is what I am going to continue to use it for. So just a friendly reminder before I carry on with this weeks post that just because someone is "silent" on social media does not mean they are silent in real life. Right now is not a time to judge others for they do/do not share on a social media platform. Our energy should be directed on loving one another, uplifting one another & the change that needs to happen. We ALL have our own ways of learning & growing from this. So stop attacking people for not taking action the same exact way as you. Focus on the change you are individually doing because that should be your priority, not judging someone based off of social media when you have no idea the work they are doing in their real life. That is all I have to say on that <3

Before I took my two weeks off I finished my first ever fitness program all the way through. The first program I have completed from start to finish WITHOUT missing one single day over the course of 10 weeks. I have started a lot of programs but never completed one without missing a single day, like I did with this one. If you follow me on instagram (@thebalancedplanner) most of you watched me from start to finish complete the full 10 weeks & if you are in my close friends group then you saw my physical transformation. For me though, working out isn't just for the physical changes. Of course that is an added bonus no one is going to complain about but for me I need to workout for my mental health. My workouts & getting that endorphin rush & releasing anger or sadness are one of the only things I feel I have control over in the world, especially in the state its been in these last few months.

I started this program about 2 months after I moved & about a week after the lock down started & AJ received his diagnosis. It became more than just a workout program for me. It became my lifeline these last few months. There were days I straight up cried during my workout, surrendering everything & just letting the pain out. There were days (especially during Jericho's fight club workouts) that I punched & jumped around with way more rage than I probably should have but it felt damn good to punch & kick that air & let my anger out. I know taking care of myself is vital on a day to day basis but ESPECIALLY when you go through as much change as I had so fast & especially when the world blows up like it did. This program became my therapy through it all & I 100% believe it is the only reason I've stayed sane through everything thrown at us in the real world & everything thrown at AJ & I in our personal world.

Morning Meltdown 100 by Jericho Matthews is the name of the 10 week program. It has two versions, a 100 day version & a 60 day version. The point is to commit to 100 workouts which is why it's called Morning Meltdown 100. I decided to do the 60 day version which ends up being 100 workouts in 10 weeks. With the 60 day version you do two different workouts Monday-Friday that end up being about 45 minutes to an hour long each day - totally doable. The weekends are your rest days. Jericho, the trainer, is a freaking FIRE CRACKER. I instantly fell in love with her bright red hair, upbeat personality, the loud ass music with the live DJ they have every workout & the dynamic of her training. She has you jumping around from start to finish. She has cardio days, lifting days, cardio WITH lifting, fight club which is different forms of self defense & fighting, yoga/pilates/barre combination days. She covers every workout you can think of & does it in a way that makes you feel like you're not working out. Its freaking hard, don't get me wrong, but the combination of the music with the jumping around moves has you smiling by the end because you can't help but feel good even if you modify the entire workout. Which she does have easier modified moves for every workout so you can work up to jumping around like a firecracker with her, haha. I honestly have been feeling bummed since ending this program & struggling to enjoy my new one because I miss the energy that came from this one. On the last day I cried, not only because it was over, but it felt so damn good to actually commit to something & follow it all the way through & enjoy the process of feeling myself getting stronger & being able to do moves I couldn't do just a week prior. I felt myself mentally getting stronger through my commitment to not give up & I am more then satisfied with the physical results, as is AJ ;) haha.

Working out from home didn't just start for me because of the quarantine. I have been working out from home since 2015 because it seems to be the only way I stay consistent. In the last 5 years the only time I have stepped foot into a gym was to run on a treadmill or use a stair master. I have been doing these programs for 5 years now & have been all over the place with them. I started in 2015 at an unhealthy 110 lbs to then gaining 57 lbs in 2018 during a depressive episode sitting at an unhealthy 167 lbs, to then losing 30+ lbs over the course of a year to now find my happy healthy place at around 130 lbs, ALL from just doing these programs in my living room. If I have to leave the house, that's an easy excuse for me. If I have to worry about putting on proper clothes, that's an easy excuse for me. If I have to plan a workout, that's an easy excuse for me. Too many easy excuses that I end up not following through & staying consistent. I understand working out at home doesn't work for everyone & I would never push it on people that wouldn't benefit from it. I am just sharing how I've found what works for me & how I've stayed consistent now. Being able to roll out of bed, workout in my gymshark pants - that share WAY too much of my goods - without worrying about anyone watching me & having an already designed program with a calendar to easily follow so I just go through the motions is what works for ME.

I have had a lot of ladies reach out asking because they saw my consistency & transformation through instagram so I decided to do this little summary & attach some links at the bottom if you want to check out the program yourself. I am not an active beachbody coach, I am not pushing to sell to make a commission, I am simply sharing what works for me & directing you to the program since I have had girls reaching out asking about it. If you do end up signing up, tell me because I won't be alerted & having partners helps ME stay committed!

Now before I wrap this up with my transformation picture & the links, lets talk about excuses for a second. Getting right to the point, you need to stop viewing your workout as a chore or as an optional thing & view it as that mental therapy you need every day to stay sane & to feel better. It will clear your head of stress, anxiety, worries & eventually the physical changes will come which will naturally boost your mental state too. Its not an option & it shouldn't be especially when it only takes 30 minutes if you follow one of these programs. It should be first priority the first second you have 30 min to squeeze it in even if its a late night workout right before bed. I remember cause I’ve been there when I did full time school & work. It wasn’t an option to skip even with my crazy schedule. I either did it at 4am before my day or I did it between 10-11pm on my crazy days right before bed. Sometimes even later. When you commit, it has to become a non negotiable, its no longer an option. You’re only hurting yourself by making excuses & not making the time for YOU. Only speaking from a place of love because I know the mental road blocks I’ve had to push past & that is where being disciplined comes into play & being mentally stronger than any excuses you have. You have to change your excuses into your reasons WHY and show the heck up for YOU. Too stressed? Release it into your workout. Your favorite show is on? Stream it while you workout at home & most of the time depending on what your favorite show is, you’ll still have 30 min left to watch the rest after getting your workout done. In a funk? Moving your body naturally boosts your mood. Again, you have to be mentally stronger than your excuses. Too tired & stressed & in a funk should be your reason️️️️ why & I’ve been there, still am sometimes, but I know I can always find 30 min in my day for it if I get real with myself & make the time. & I already know you moms are looking at me like "just wait until you have kids" I know it's going to be WAY harder to stay consistent but that is why I've also built the habit up for myself now. & I don't want my future kids to be my excuse, I want them once again to be my reason why. The reason why I take care of myself, make this time for me, set an example for them, be my best self for them & live a longer healthier life WITH them. Not taking away from the fact that it will be way harder but I know it's still possible because I see it happening all around me - shout out to my girl Kassidi who just became a mom in February & has wasted NO time going all in with making her health a priority. In less than 4 months she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight! This girl inspires me beyond belief with her no bull shit attitude, doesn't put up with excuses & knows no one can make this happen for herself except HER. I hear excuses left & right all day when people come to me asking how I stay committed so I just had to put this little part in there & remind you guys the only thing stopping you is yourself. Shift your mindset with every excuse that comes up into a reason why you need this even more.

So to explain how this works, you enroll in whats called BOD. Beachbody on Demand. Broken down I pay $10 a month & have access to ALL of their 200+ programs. They add a new one every 2-3 months so I am constantly able to do new ones or stream old favorites. It's my gym membership, just online. If you want to try Morning Meltdown 100 (or any other program) you can stream any of them from BOD by signing up for a 3 month trial, 6 month trial, or you can sign up for the entire year. I've attached links below my transformation picture for you to check out yourself & again, I'm not selling, just sharing what worked for me & answering questions I have been asked multiple times. If you sign up, I will not know so if you want to be added to the free on going support group I run through an app, you will have to get in touch with me. Plus I love doing programs WITH people so I will literally do one start to finish with you, it helps me too!

  • I am not body shaming or saying my before was bad, it was just unhealthy for me. This after picture was taken during this 10 week program (April 2020) but the before was taken summer of 2018. In the first picture I am 152 lbs & in the second picture I am around 130 lbs. My highest weight was 167 but I have no pictures of that time in my life because I was in such a bad place. Going from 167 to 130, 37 lbs later, was ONLY from these programs done at home.

To check out the 3 month trial at $39, click here.

To check out the 6 month trial at $59, click here.

To enroll for the year at $99, click here.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever about the programs or how signing up works I am always here to help <3 I don't do this as a "coach" I am sharing to help inspire others that struggle with finding something that works for them or struggling to commit to something. I share this because it has completely changed my life these last 5 years & now after finishing my first full program all the way through it has fueled my passion even more.

Always here to help, listen or talk.

Nothing but love, always.

-The Balanced Planner

I also wanted to pay a small tribute to my friend Britney. I know we weren't the closest, I know there are people hurting far more than I am, but my heart is still shocked & hurt. Britney was always such a sweet heart to me, such a ray of sunshine & so damn beautiful inside & out. I actually met her when I was 15 through my high school boyfriend. We stayed in touch the last 12 years through social media. In 2017 I moved into apartments right by her work & was surprised to see her one day. Then I visited her frequently which in return she started visiting me at the bank. We didn't talk on a regular basis but we did keep in touch, always holding up the drive thru at her work or mine to play catch up with each other. I last talked to her the first week of May, only 2-3 short weeks before she passed, about coming out for a visit. I don't grasp death well, it's hard for me to fully understand how you can be talking to someone & not even 2 weeks later they are gone just like that.

But Britney, you are a ray of sunshine now in heaven. I hope you are at peace, removed from all the chaos you faced in the world. I'm praying over your loved ones you left behind & I will never forget your bright ass blonde hair (you actually are one of the only people I know that can & has rocked every hair color haha) & your big ass cheesy smile always telling me, "you're too damn sweet, would you stop it"

Rest In Peace baby girl <3

If you are able & would like to help Britney's family at this time, they have a go fund me account set up. Click here to donate.

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