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Welcome guys! My name is Nicole, aka The Balanced Planner. I am a full time accounting student designing the ultimate planner that includes everything you can think of; goal setting, journaling, reflecting, fitness tracking, meal planning, cleaning lists, monthly/weekly/daily to do break downs and more. This page will be my way of sharing the process of designing The Balanced Planner WITH you guys and it will be a way for you to provide feedback on what you want to see in them and stay updated on the process of building them.


I will also be giving you a peak into my every day life and how I went from a city girl in Washington to a country girl out in California living 30 minutes from the closest town. I will be diving into ALL sorts of things ranging from serious topics about my battle with anxiety, how to be the best spouse for your bipolar honey, how I survived divorce, all the way to the less serious topics like my daily hair routine and how I maintain my six pack but still eat In-N-Out on the weekly ;)


But if you take away anything from being on my page I would want it to be that I have a lot of love to give. I want to use this as a way to take the experiences I have gone through to spread light, love, grace, strength and to help others possibly in the same places. I want this to be a place to connect with you. I want to hear your story. I want to be a safe place for anyone to vent, seek advice, ask for prayer requests, make a new friend, tell me what you want to read about, what you want my opinion on or just find some support and inspiration for whatever life is currently handing you. I personally respond to every email I receive so don't hesitate to reach out <3 Once a month I dedicate a post to small businesses so if you would like to collaborate make sure you shoot me an email :) enjoy guys & thank you for checking it out and for the never ending support. <3

New posts will be every Wednesday at 7pm PST. Subscribe by email to stay updated!


Nothing but love, always.

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